The healthcare industry is dynamic to say the least…constantly growing and changing. As a result, the demand for healthcare talent is high resulting in the need for a highly scalable, strategic, and agile recruitment solution.


From talent recruitment and retention through talent engagement and performance, Method3 has been serving the life sciences and healthcare sector for over a decade.

More importantly, we have been there. Our founders have worked as hospital executives, served on non-profit healthcare boards, and have worked under State Departments of Health.

The Method3 team has the experience and expertise to design and deliver a proactive healthcare recruitment program for you. Our comprehensive solutions and our specialized healthcare recruiters will implement creative initiatives to attract and recruit physicians, mid-leave providers, nurses, allied health professionals, HIT professionals and other non-clinical professionals. Method3 Health will take care of your staffing needs so your can focus on what you do best, taking care of your patients.


  • Creative Team

    EVP and brand development

  • Sourcing methodology rebuilt from the inside out

    Multi-dimensional active and passive sourcing approach

  • Technology

    Social media campaigns, micro-sites, rapid apply, live chat, and more.