Walk into any waiting area today and you will find a technical gap.  Those that keep up with technology will be attached to their smartphones and tablets, and those who do not will be watching the soap operas on the TV.  Mobile computing has irreversibly changed how, when, and where people interact with technology.  For organizations with a heavy customer service component, a mobile computing strategy is vital; for others, there can be great savings in making process quicker and more efficient.mobile_computing

For getting started in a corporate mobile computing strategy, several things must be taken into account.  Although the first iPhone was introduced only 5 years ago, the landscape of technologies is constantly changing.  Development and support for these technologies may enable some public users and alienate others; whereas trying to work with all technologies is extremely complex.

Another item to understand is that mobile computers originated as consumer devices, not in the corporate world.  Things that are taken for granted in a PC world (for example, file management, active directory integration, cut and paste) were not designed into the current generation of mobile devices.  This fact tends to make the users happy as it is easier to use and understand, but sends IT into a tailspin as it doesn’t fit into the current environment.

This series is intended to educate IT organizations on what to expect as they start trying to meet customer needs.  Future installments will include “How to Talk Your Boss into Buying You an iPad”, “How to Get the Old Timers On-Board”, and “Clouds – When it Rains it Pours” plus many other things you may not be expecting.

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Written by:

Jeffrey Reich, Project Manager
Method3 Technology Solution




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