Meet the Method3 Team

John Laporta


Bob Spoljaric​

Managing Partner, CEO

Chris Rozell

Sr. Engagement Manager

Christal Nicholas

Director of First Impressions

Mohammad Husain

Sr. Associate

Leland J. Nelson

Sr. Engagement Manager,
CEO of Think Tank Consulting

Manoj Saraswat

Sr. Associate

Prasant Panda

Sr. Associate

Tony Greene

Sr. Associate

The Vision

At Method3 we aspire to be one of the best choices for talent solutions in the world, delivering excellence while remaining committed to building a great team and winning culture.

The Mission

Our mission is to connect great talent with great companies, leveraging our expertise and relationships to advocate for superb candidate experiences and providing client business solutions that make a difference.

The Method3 Core Values


We believe in being fully aligned in principles, words, and actions.


We believe in working with others to make a collaborative effort that is more effective or efficient.


We believe in noticing, validating, and including a variety of people, perspectives and experiences.


We believe in seeking and experiencing improvement or transformation over time.


We believe in looking beyond the obvious to assess a situation and coming up with answers and options.